Raschelle Johnston

Raschelle Johnston is a Christ-follower and wife to Dr. Tom Johnston. She is mother of 3 grown children and grandmother (Gigi) to eight precious little ones. The greatest blessing of her life is that her children and their spouses love the Lord and are seeking to rear their children in God honoring homes.

As a working wife and mother, Raschelle has had a varied career, working as a Director of Development, a Director of Financial Aid, and a Marketing Manager. In ministry life she has a passion to mentor young moms and has mentored over 100 women. In addition, Raschelle has taught for the Midwestern Women's Institute, teaching several classes, Parenting, Spiritual Disciplines, and Esther being her favorites. She is also a conference speaker and teacher.

With her husband, Raschelle has served in many different capacities, as pastor's wife, professor's wife, and missionary. They have served churches in cross-cultural settings, as well as rural, urban, and suburban settings. When Raschelle married Tom 36 years ago, someone said, "One thing is for certain, life with Tom will NEVER be boring!" And it hasn't - it's been one of the best adventures ever - to serve God and to watch Him at work.

Raschelle is pursuing a degree at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In her ‘free-time,’ Raschelle enjoys gardening, canning, crafting, painting, knitting, crocheting, and reading. Of course, her grandchildren provide lots of fun and joy in her life.

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August 22, 2021
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