The Greatest Words Ever Spoken

Greatest Words (Book)

Timothy Oxley's book, The Greatest Words Ever Spoken, compares 15 great sayings of important historical figures in the Western World.

The purpose of this book is to consider and determine what may be the most important words ever uttered on earth!

Greatest Words (Gospel Tract)

Printable PDF based on Timothy Oxley's book, The Greatest Words Ever Spoken.

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About Timothy J. Oxley

Timothy J. Oxley grew up as the child of missionary parents, H. Dale Oxley and Betty J. Oxley, who served in the field of Japan for over forty-two years. He was born in Tokyo, Japan, while his parents were in language school. At the age of one, he was carted down to the southern Island of Kyushu in a wicker laundry basket, a two day trip by rail. As part of the only Western family in the rural farming community of Hitoyoshi, his experiences were unique. As the only blond-headed boy in his Japanese elementary school class, he drew a crowd wherever he went. Later, after several years of correspondence school with his mother as a teacher, he attended a one room school house, grades one through eight, with one teacher for all classes. He lived in a dormitory during the week with his other fifteen classmates, give or take a few depending on who was home on furlough that year, and would come home on the weekends. This weekly trek was made aboard an old fashioned steam locomotive train, where many adventures were encountered: whether being covered by black smoke when the locomotive entered the numerous tunnels over the mountainous route, talking the conductor and engineers into letting him shovel coal into the steam engine; chasing his brother up and down the rail cars or enlisting the assistance of sympathetic women to help crochet his mother’s Christmas present.

While growing up in Japan, Tim had the privilege of observing firsthand the transformative power of the Gospel message. In contrast to the ritualistic and cultural religious practices of the Japanese people surrounded by lifeless idols and temples, he experienced the life changing work of the Holy Spirit: an eighty-one year old high ranking alcoholic Buddhist priest turning his life over to Christ and becoming a babe in Christ, filled with the joy of the Lord and leading the marching band though town with the banner “Jesus Saves”; a proud and arrogant aristocratic, elderly World War II military officer humbly kneeling before the Lord as his Savior, confessing his pride and sin and developing a soft heart to serve children; and other similar countless examples. He came to know the reality of Paul’s words in II Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.”

After graduating from high school at Christian Academy in Japan in Tokyo, Japan, Tim returned to the United Sates to attend Wheaton College where he majored in Biblical Studies. He continued his study of Scripture at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for two years, then God led him in a different direction. He enrolled at John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois. After three years, God opened the door for him to practice at the oldest international law firm in Chicago, Winston & Strawn LLP. There, Tim specialized in general corporate, finance and commercial transactional work for over thirty-one years.

Tim currently is semi-retired and advises his clients as a solo practitioner, working out of his home. With the additional time available to him, Tim serves on the Global Outreach Board at Christ Church Lake Forest and has lead and participated in numerous missions trips throughout the world. He is also able to spend more time with his wife, children and to dote over his grandchildren, the apples of his eye.

About the Author - Timothy J. Oxley

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