Prayer of the Sinner

PotS A.D. 473 - Recanting Predestination

Lucidus Recants Predestination and Particular Atonement

PotS A.D. 529 - Second Council of Orange

Affirms Baptismal Regeneration, Disaffirms the Sinner's Prayer

PotS A.D. 1519, 1526 - Luther’s 1519 “Enflamed Dialogue”

A.D. 1519, 1526 - Luther’s 1519 “Enflamed Dialogue”

Based on the Lord's Prayer, with Tyndale's 1526 translation and revision as the "Prayer of the Sinner"

PotS A.D. 1572 - 39 Articles of the Church of England

Affirm Baptismal Regeneration "By Virtue of Prayer"

PotS A.D. 1771 - George Whitfield

"A Prayer for one desiring and seeking after the New-Birth"

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